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Are you so anxious that you have been putting off seeing a dentist?

At Kangaroo Point Dental, our genuinely caring dentists have the expertise to deliver Happy Gas to ease your fear.


Give us a call immediately as our online booking doesn’t show all our emergency appointments available.

Dental Emergency?

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Need Relief?


  • The worst kind of pain there is!
  • If it has kept you up at night, it’s time to seek help
  • This discomfort may continue for up to a week
  • Sometime pain relief medication may not be enough


Reduce Discomfort

Wisdom Teeth Pain

  • Throbbing pain from the wisdom teeth can cause havoc
  • It needs to be assessed immediately
  • This discomfort can come and go
  • At our practice, we have the facility of an OPG machine which can immediately determine if we can get the wisdom tooth out straight away or if it is near the nerve, it may need to be referred to our specialists.

Don't be embarrassed!

Broken Tooth

  • Is the tooth broken so severely that it is cutting your tongue or cheek?
  • We want to be able to save the tooth as much as possible, so any small breakage needs to be looked at immediately

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I never thought I could be so okay with going to the Dentist!

~ Amanda R, March 2021