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We Offer Our Dental Services To The Woolloongabba Community

We Offer Our Dental Services To The Woolloongabba Community

At Kangaroo Point Dental we serve the local community of Woolloongabba. We are situated within a walking distance from Woolloongabba’s central hub of shopping centres, fine dining restaurants and parks. If you’re residing or visiting the Woolloongabba area and are in need of a dental check-up or are thinking about getting a cosmetic procedure done, come visit our team at the Kangaroo Point Dental clinic to book an appointment and consult with our professional dentists.

Where are we situated?

Kangaroo Point Dental is a 5-minute walk and a 3-minute drive from Woolloongabba. Woolloongabba is a bustling area that is home to trendy bistros, sports stadiums and fine dining restaurants. The suburb is known for its sporting grounds and cocktail bars. It also has a large residential area, with numerous local schools and shopping centres. If you find yourself residing or visiting the Woolloongabba area and are in need of a dental check-up, Kangaroo Point Dental has got you covered.

Why choose Kangaroo Point Dental?


With a lot of families residing in Woolloongabba, it is important to find a dental clinic that caters for kids and adults. At Kangaroo Point Dental our friendly staff are welcoming and will answer any of your dental concerns and help reduce your anxieties about visiting the dentist. Our refurbished office creates a relaxed environment so that you feel comfortable in our clinic. We also offer happy gas to patients to reduce stress and play fun games with kids so that they feel at ease with us during a routine check-up, treatment or procedure.

Easily accessible and convenient location

Kangaroo Point Dental is situated five minutes from the heart of Woolloongabba. It is within a walking distance from Woolloongabba’s shopping district, and at a driving distance from local hospitals. The clinic is also easily accessible by all Woolloongabba public transport services.

High-quality dental care services

At Kangaroo Point Dental we pride ourselves on our experienced team that delivers high-quality general and cosmetic

We prioritise prevention

At Kangaroo Point Dental we focus on educating our patients on oral hygiene and dental care so that they can avoid future problems and pain. This includes teaching young kids the importance of brushing their teeth regularly so that they can have good oral care practices as adults or informing adults on the importance of removing wisdom teeth when they become impacted.

Are You In The Woolloongabba Area And Are In Need Of A Dental Check-up?

Come visit us at Kangaroo Point Dental. Our professional team will answer all your dental health questions and book you in for a check-up, treatment or procedure. If you’re visiting the Woolloongabba area, then Kangaroo Point Dental can give you a quick check-up. Also, if you’re a local then you can trust us to be your regular dentist as we are committed to you and all your dental health needs.