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Having Wisdom Teeth Pain?

Remove your impacted, infected and painful wisdom teeth safely and gently

Having wisdom teeth pain and needing to remove wisdom teeth?

Did you know 90% of wisdom teeth cases can be removed in our dental practice painlessly under local anaesthetic?

The Root Cause

Discomfort usually comes from

  • Gums becoming extremely inflamed due to inability to keep the area clean usually by small food getting trapped under the gums
  • “Impacted: wisdom teeth – usually from not enough room in the jaw to accommodate for the space of the teeth
  • If the area becomes a larger infection this poses a medical danger
  • Rubbing of the teeth against the tongue or the cheek can cause major discomfort as well


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What are wisdom teeth?

  • The 3rd molar teeth that usually come through around late teenage years if not impacted
  • Generally, because they are the hardest to keep clean and are usually impacted, we tend to take them out before they become an issue

Do we need wisdom teeth?

  • If orthodontically they are causing misaligned teeth and overcrowding this is usually the recommended teeth to be taken out.
  • If planned well and with an OPG X-ray, this can be done in chair or under Happy Gas

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Are wisdom teeth removal painful?

  • With the correct precision planning and execution to remove wisdom teeth, generally the discomfort can be managed with pain relief medications.
  • Usually after 2 weeks the area is pain free this is also depending on age and general health of the patient.

Knowing the taking a tooth out sounds dreadful, our upskilled and highly nurturing dentists and our dedicate staff members are here to hold your hand through the entire process.

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