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We Offer Our Dental Services To The New Farm Community

We Offer Our Dental Services To The New Farm Community

At Kangaroo Point Dental we serve the local community of New Farm. We deliver high-quality dental care treatments and procedures. Our professional team are committed to providing the local community with the best dental care possible. One of the areas we serve is the riverside suburb of New Farm, as we are situated opposite the New Farm CBD area.

Where are we situated?  

Our dental clinic is situated 7-minutes from the residential neighbourhood of New Farm. New Farm is a relaxed area that encourages an outdoor lifestyle as it has several large parks, cafes and restaurants. For most families situated in the New Farm area, Kangaroo Point Dental is a great dental clinic option, as we cater for kids and adults and for all dental concerns. Our clinic consists of our friendly receptionists that will be there to welcome you and answer all your concerns over the phone or in person. We also have our qualified team of three dentists that have a combined experience of 60 years treating patients of all ages, and the skills to ensure that you receive quality dental care and treatments. Our dentists are friendly and offer fun games to children so that they are comfortable and don’t feel scared and overwhelmed by the dentist environment.

Why choose Kangaroo Point Dental?

For the local community of New Farm, Kangaroo Point Dental is a conveniently located dental clinic, as it is an 8-minute drive from the New Farm CBD and is easily accessible by public transport. It is also at a biking distance from New Farm Park and a short drive from the residential suburbs. If you are residing in the New Farm area, here are several reasons why you should choose Kangaroo Point Dental:

Convenient location

Kangaroo Point Dental is a 10-minute driving distance from the residential suburbs of New Farm. It is also situated with readily available access to public transport.


Our clinic caters for patients of all ages. We offer a wide range of dentistry services in our fully refurbished practice that ensures that your whole family is at ease when visiting our clinic. We prioritise your family’s comfort, and that is why we seek to create a relaxing environment from the reception waiting area to the dental chair.

General and cosmetic dentistry

At our practice, we offer a range of general dentistry services from wisdom tooth removal to getting Our cosmetic treatments include dental implants and teeth whitening. To keep our patients feeling comfortable we also offer happy gas which is safe and has very few side effects, so that patients that feel anxious can be relaxed in our clinic.

Emergency appointments

If you have a sudden toothache that persists and is painful, you can call us up immediately and we will have you booked in for an emergency appointment, at the earliest possible time available.

Residing In The New Farm Area And Needing A Dental Check-up? Contact Kangaroo Point Dental, Today

Whether you need to have a wisdom tooth removed, or want to have your teeth whitened, we have you covered at Kangaroo Point Dental. Contact us today, to book an appointment or to consult with our team.