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Clear Teeth Braces


Invisalign is the best way to straighten teeth without having to live with the “metal mouth” look of traditional braces. That’s because Invisalign is a series of clear, removable, plastic aligners that are custom-made for your teeth.

Invisalign is kind of like invisible braces. It’s also virtually clear, so most people around you probably won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Even better, it’s comfortable – without wires and brackets that could irritate your mouth.


Prevent Deep Decay


Traditional metal braces, also known as brackets or in slang “rails”, are fixed metal appliances which have been conventionally used for straightening teeth for many decades. Metal braces is an old technique that is still used with good results even today.

Each bracket contains a slot at the front surface through which a metal wire passes through. The wire is attached to the brackets by using rubber ties. The material and diameter of the orthodontic wire determine the force which is exerted on the teeth to move them into position. Once the teeth have advanced into the desired occlusion and position, your dentist will give you retainers to consolidate the treatment.

Supporting Oral Instruments

Expansion Appliance

Expansion appliances can be used on both children and adults.

Some indication for using expansion appliances:

  • Preparation for arch alignment where dental arches are heavily crowded
  • Creating space for erupting permanent teeth
  • Cross-bite cases
  • Cases where Interproximal Stripping is not tolerated and more space on the arch required
  • Aesthetic arch widening to fill up ‘black’ spaces in the buccal corridors

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I never thought I could be so okay with going to the Dentist!

~ Amanda R, March 2021

spaghet Over9000
spaghet Over9000
Had my first visit yesterday evening. I was very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff. I've found my new Dentist in Brisbane!
Josh Clarke
Josh Clarke
I had a filling with dr Yuen and Summer, they were both great. Dr Yuen was incredibly informative which made the process much more comfortable. They were great during the procedure, easily the most comfortable I've felt in the dentists chair!
Hope Estheim
Hope Estheim
Excellent service! Thank you Dr Frisikin and team.
dylan mccullagh
dylan mccullagh
Dr Zen and the team are legends.
Leanne C
Leanne C
Easy to book online, instant confirmation and great follow up from reception. ❤️ Dr Zen didn’t race through a consult like a checklist, that was my first impression! I usually feel like there’s a ‘procedure’ at the dentist and the time limit. He took excellent photos (if you can call tooth decay 🦷 photos excellent) to show and carefully explain what my treatment plan should look like and most importantly why!!
Liam McMahon
Liam McMahon
I was a bit overdue for a visit, and I'm glad I selected this practice. The whole process from booking online to the appointment itself was very smooth, and handled professionally by the team in a very friendly manner. I am very happy with the result, and would recommend everyone to visit! Thanks for making the process as painless as possible!
Maiana Kerr
Maiana Kerr
Went in for a clean and check up, the staff was super friendly and thorough with my treatment to get exactly what I wanted. I can’t recommend this clinic enough.
Jay Hill
Jay Hill
I couldn't be happier with Dr Zen and the assistants at Kangaroo Point Dental.They make every effort to ensure your comfort and understanding at every visit. With out a doubt the best. I highly recommend him.
Sarah Atkins
Sarah Atkins
Such a beautiful practice. The staff are very friendly and professional. Highly recommended this dentist.